Palomino Propane is a local, family-owned, and operated propane distribution company. Other propane companies drop their price temporarily in an attempt to keep a customer, or attract a new customer, but our prices stay consistent and are posted daily on the website. They raise their rates back to what the corporate office demands once your initial fill is done or your deal is up. We don't use "teaser" rates, first fill discounts, senior rates, military rates, or any other special rates. Everyone gets our best rate every day because everyone deserves the best of the best!

Our promise is excellent neighborly customer service at the best price that we can deliver. Hundreds of neighbors in the North Valleys have made the decision to give their business to us, and many have told us they are excited to support a truly local company. A few have decided to stay with their nationwide supplier, when they dropped their rate below ours in an effort to keep their business, but many more have responded by telling the public company rep they should have dropped their rate long ago if they wanted to keep their business.

Our service people are prompt, knowledgeable, and close by.
Give us a call. We would love to talk propane any time!
(775) 475-0556

Palomino Propane Team

Our Historical Propane Prices Per Gallon

2014-Highest $3.20/Lowest $2.09
2015-Highest $2.47/Lowest $1.85
2016-Highest $2.54/Lowest $1.96
2017-Highest $2.82/Lowest $2.21
2018-Highest $2.87/Lowest $2.44
2019-Highest $2.85/Lowest $2.28
2020-Highest $2.76/Lowest $2.28
2021-Highest $3.41/Lowest $2.70
2022-Highest $3.71/Lowest TBD

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